Study Architecture in Spain


We have partnered with one of the most prestigious universities in Spain: CEU San Pablo University.

The Architecture Degree in CEU San Pablo University supplies both theoretical and practical opportunities for their students. The international projection of the program helps students develop skills and knowledge, focusing on their future employability.

The degree seeks to foster the passion and vocation of the students, offering support by leading professionals in the industry. Furthermore, students will have the advantage of placements, architectural visits and workshops all across Europe.

Programme Overview

Official Degree: Degree in Architecture, provides full recognition in Europe, and official Part 1 equivalence with the ARB (Architects Registration Board) UK
Location: CEU San Pablo in Madrid
Duration: 5 Years
Tuition Fees: €14,000 per annum.
Language: 100% in English, with an option for doing a semester abroad in an affiliated university
Required Grades: Please contact us for more details
Entrance Exam + Interview: Please contact us for more details

• Architectural Form Analysis I
• Descriptive Geometry I
• Introduction to Architecture
• Fundamentals to Mathematics in Architecture I
• Fundamentals to Physics in Architecture I
• Anthropology
• Architectural Form Analysis II
• Descriptive Geometry II
• Descriptive Drawing I
• Fundamentals to Mathematics in Architecture II
• Fundamentals to Physics in Architecture II
• History and Society

• Architectural Design I
• Architectural Drawing II
• Solid Mechanics
• Building Construction Materials
• Urban Theory I
• History of Architecture I
• Architectural Design II
• Drawing and Geometry
• Fundamentals to Mathematics in Architecture III
• Structural Systems
• Urban Theory II
• History of Architecture II 

• Architectural Design III
• Building Construction I
• Structural Analysis I
• Environmental Systems
• Urban Design I
• Great Books
• Architectural Design IV
• Building Construction II
• Structural Analysis II
• Electrical and Lighting Systems
• Urban Design II
• History of Architecture III 

• Architectural Design V
• Dimensioning of Structures
• Mechanical Syetems
• Urban Planning I
• History of Architecture IV
• Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church
• Architectural Design VI
• Building Construction Analysis
• Foundations
• Urban Planning II
• Architectural Composition
• Modern Language

• Architectural Design VII
• Building Construction Design I
• City and Territorial Planning I
• Professional Practice in Architecture
• Architectural Innovation Workshop
• *Advanced Courses
• Architectural Design VIII
• Building Construction Design II
• Design of Building Structures
• Design of Environmental and Mechanical Systems
• City and Territorial Planning II
• Professional Practice in Architecture II 

• Life Drawing
• Architectural and Urban Mapping
• Restoration Theory and Techniques
• New Building Materials
• Advanced Structural Analysis
• Advanced Structural Design
• Acoustics in Architecture
• Bioclimatic in Architecture
• Landscape Architecture
• Urbanism and Contemporary City
• Industrial Design
• Ephemeral Architecture