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matter power spectrum peak

Cobalt-60 is a common calibration source found in many laboratories. A wider selection function thus washes out the baryon oscillations and decreases the … Large Scale Structure After these lectures, you should be able to: • Describe the matter power spectrum • Explain how and why the peak position depends on m • Explain the effect of hot dark matter on the matter power spectrum • Discuss the issues in relating the galaxy and matter power spectra • Summarise the latest observations and their constraints on m and the neutrino content For HPGe detectors, these peaks are perfectly separated. •As the baryon-photon shell moves outwards during radiation domination, its gravity “drags” the DM, causing it to spread. [In the current best-fit cosmology χ ≈ 2.5h−1Gpc for objects at z = 1.] The CMB data alone are not able to determine the detailed form of the matter power spectrum in the range 0.03

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